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Comitato Territoriale UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso (Italy)
The leading partner Comitato Territoriale UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso belongs to the UISP (Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti). It is an association of sport for all with the aim to extend the right to practice sport to everyone. Sport for all is well connected with the ideas of health, life quality, education and social relations. Sport for all interprets a new right of citizenship; it belongs to the "life policies" and has a significant experience with a number of competitive activities.

The association promotes inclusion through sport activities by recognizing and evaluating the needs of people no matter of the differences of age, abilities, disabilities, sex differences, different motivation for practicing sports. The only one difference which it fights against is social inequalities and lack of equal opportunities.
Courage Foundation (Bulgaria)
Courage Foundation from Plovdiv, Bulgaria is a consolidated partner of UISP Settimo Cirie Chivasso, with several joint projects in the last three years. The Foundation is focused on people from disadvantage groups. It gives courage to orphans and young people from difficult family situations, roma people, and unemployed, handicapped. It creates opportunities for vulnerable groups by giving them chance to develop new competences in on the job trainings and cross cultural experiences in sport and exchange activities.

Working on various European projects, the Foundation contributes to raising the awareness among Bulgarian citizens of the legislation, policies and strategies for the development of the European Union, of the European integration process and its consequences to ordinary people.
Ecologie-Sport-Tourism Association (Romania)
The Romanian partner - Ecologie-Sport-Tourism Association has been established in 1996 with the goal to promote respect to environment among young people and involve them in sports and tourist activities as a way to educate them in being responsible citizens in democratic Romania. The Association has implemented a number of projects at national level involving students from high schools stimulating them to explore and respect the nature, to work in teams and to prevent negative phenomena among young people such as drugs addiction, violence and racism.

The “Ecologie-Sport-Tourism” Association has valuable prior experience and a very strong motivation to learn from other partners and carry out the ARIES project activities in Romania.
Bulgarian Austrian Cultural Association of Graz (Austria)
The Bulgarian Austrian Cultural Association of Graz is a non-profit association promoting cross cultural cooperation between Bulgaria and Austria through a number of cultural activities including concerts of modern and classical music, exhibitions of paintings and photos, presentations of books and films.

Every year in occasion of different national celebrations, the Association organizes events with traditional music and dance concerts, traditional cuisine degustation and exhibitions for the Austrian citizens. The Bulgarian Austrian Cultural Association of Graz works in close cooperation with the local administration of Graz, schools where young Bulgarian immigrants study and other NGO organizations.

The Association is involved in social activities aiming the integration of Bulgarian immigrants in Austria, especially children and youth and preventing negative phenomenon such as discrimination, violence and drugs consumption. Networking with other European partners broadens the scope and cultural perspectives of the Association’s activities. It adds value and cross fertilization effects for all partners.
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